Welcome to the SUMS project resource portal. From this site, you can access a wide range of online resources that provide support for students with numeracy problems.

The SUMS project (Students Upgrading Maths Skills) is designed to address numeracy issues amongst students in further- and higher-education. Alongside the research elements of the project, we are building this online portal that will allow both students and tutors to find suitable online resources to address numeracy issues. The main 'Finder' page provides access to a database of several hundred links to online resources that range from general study skills to academic sites. If you are looking for a resource, you should be able to find what you are looking for!

The SUMS project

SUMS is hosted at Anglia Ruskin University and is funded by The Higher Education EvidenceNet programme and by Anglia Ruskin. The project combines research into numeracy issues in FE and HE with the assessment, design and publication of suitable online resources. This site is the major outcome of that part of the project.

SumsFinder is currently offline for re-development. Contact Toby.Carter AT aru.ac.uk for information